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Cleaning Tips: Clean your aircon unit regularly

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Air conditioning is like a breath of fresh air in a hot and humid place like the UAE. The fact that we use air conditioning throughout the year, it thus becomes vital to clean aircon units regularly. It is recommended to undertake a thorough cleaning of the cooling unit at least once a year. Here's some cleaning tips:

An annual clean-up has several advantages. It facilitates the circulation of clean air which reduces the incidence of asthma and allergies rampant in this part of the world. It also aids in the optimum utilization of energy. An aircon unit which functions inefficiently due to the buildup of mold and debris over time actually ends up consuming up to 40% more energy. Another reason is that it ensures the longevity of the unit itself. Timely maintenance reduces general wear and tear, and enhances the efficiency of the cooling system.

An inside-out cleaning of the aircon unit involves dusting and vacuuming of the cooling unit and all its components including ducts, coils, filters, motor, heat exchangers and diffusers; inspecting the unit for any leaks, excessive power consumption, and others; and post-cleaning insulation and sealing (both internal and external).

A little research online will give you names of professional companies that specialize in aircon cleaning. Their representatives are experts and possess the equipment required for such detailed clean-up. You can expect international standards of safety and hygiene as far as this cleaning exercise is considered and that, too, without a serious dent in your pocket.

Handy Cleaning Tips
• Aircon cleaning has direct impact on user health
• Annual cleanup mandatory in hot places like UAE
• Always rely on a professional cleaning company

Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Classifieds
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