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Cleaning Tips: The many hats of a handyman

Comes in handy when there are ‘little problems’ at home or officeImage Credit: Supplied

Handymen wear several hats. They are skilled at doing odd jobs in maintenance, repair and installation around the house and in the office.

 In the UAE, there are companies offering handyman services for both residential and commercial properties. They have staff that are available to fix the “little problems” at home or in the office, and these include:

 Plumbing. Handymen do basic plumbing services like stopping the leaks from a bathroom or the kitchen.

 Installation. If you find installing curtains or hanging paintings on the wall too much of a bother, call in a handyman. He can also disassemble/assemble furniture, whichever applies.

 Painting jobs. They can paint and touch up walls to eliminate footprints, handprints and lipstick marks.

 Electrical services. Handymen fix electric sockets and switches, and exposed wirings to keep you safe.

 More elaborate tasks that handymen may be able to perform include roofing, light carpentry work, installing air-conditioners and fans, remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, repairing and/or installing doors and replacing locks, basic pest control, windows installation and/or repair, junk removal, shelving, stonework and cleaning.

Handymen generally don’t require clients to break the bank for their services, which is why most people prefer to hire them rather than scouring the Internet for DIY resources.

 Handy Hints:

 * Handymen are generally skilled at basic repairs

 * Services include painting, installation, plumbing

 * Handyman services firms don’t charge a fortune

 Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Classifieds

 The writer is a freelancer