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Clever ways to add storage space to your home

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If you are tight on space to store your personal belongings, take a few moments before rushing off to IKEA to buy a load of containers, baskets and shelves. It is one thing to store all your stuff, it is another thing to find a place to put it all once you have stored it.

Shelves can have the effect of just bringing the walls in closer and not necessarily adding much space to your home; if it is possible, try adding storage space upwards. If you have high ceiling in your villa or apartment, consider adding shelves or storage units above your wardrobes; these are often wasted spaces that can be used to keep items you do not regularly use such as out-of-season clothes, equipment, tools, or even books and photos.

Make use of outdoor space. If you have an open driveway, you can build a closed-door garage. In addition to safely storing your car, you can securely store large outdoor items such as bikes, sports equipment and garden furniture through wall mountings or ceiling mountings, keeping the floor area clear for your car.

If you live in a villa, you can also make use of attic space or roof storage. Do keep in mind that with the harsh UAE summer heat, this is not an ideal place to store beloved family photos, first edition collectible books or artwork of any kind. However, as long as you are able to install easy access to the roof or attic, this huge unused area that runs the full length of your house can be ideal for storing decorations, old clothes, unused furniture, camping equipment and others.

Banquette seating, which has built-in storage, is a very affordable and effective way to add storage to your home. Seating areas in children’s bedrooms, home offices, or the living areas can function as great places for reading a book, playing the guitar, or sitting and staring out the window while at the same time storing toys, beddings, old magazines and newspapers, and other items.

If you are remodeling your home and want to add storage space in your kitchen, islands not only make great use of space but also look great. You can even install a portable island. It is cost-effective and removable in case you need additional floor space.

Handy Hints
• Install easy access to the roof or attic to store decorations and old clothes
• A closed-door garage can store outdoor items like garden furniture and bikes
• Banquet seating with storage is good for living areas, bedrooms, home offices

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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