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Eliminate roaches and bedbugs

Eliminate roaches and bedbugsImage Credit: Supplied
Roaches and bedbugs – the bane of older residences and used mattresses. They do not only make your skin crawl; they are, unfortunately, rampant in the UAE. They cause food and drink contamination and diseases like salmonella, gastroenteritis, asthma and dysentery. Lucky for us, solutions are as rampant as the problem. Pest control companies that offer domestic pest elimination services are easy to find.
Roaches have been around for centuries and are notoriously fast breeders. That is why pest control companies apply a multi-faceted approach to roach elimination. This includes a careful inspection of the site and the preparation of a game plan. Depending on the type of roach, the pest control company may use strategically placed bait or growth regulators which stop the metamorphosis of a roach during its lifecycle. Clients are also briefed extensively about how to keep the roach menace at bay.
Bedbugs feed off blood. They are, like roaches, great hitchhikers and hard to eliminate without professional help. Bedbug elimination methodology includes an inspection of the site and treatment to kill existing bedbugs and prevent their larvae from maturing into adults. Multiple visits to the domestic site are generally required to ensure a home stays bedbug-free.
Choosing a pest control company can seem confusing. Getting recommendations is always advisable as is ensuring the service provider selected is licensed by the relevant government authority.
Handy Hints:
* House pests hard to eliminate without the pros
* Pest control firms use a multi-pronged approach 
* Ensure service provider is licensed by authorities
Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Classifieds
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