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Ensuring electrical safety in buildings

Ensuring electrical safety in buildingsImage Credit: Supplied

Safety is one of the most critical issues for real estate developers and managers as well as tenants as life and property depend on it. Understanding building safety issues and potential risks not only deter life threatening events, but also help in ensuring well-managed, sustainable day-to-day operations in the property.

Any contact with electricity means being involved in potential hazards and risks in terms of the use, maintenance and handling of various electrical apparatuses. Among the most common electrical risks are electrical shock, toxic gas emission as well as fire due to some electrical faults or short circuits. It is, therefore, imperative for those responsible for the building to consistently maintain electrical equipment. Taking care of the property is not the sole duty of a landlord, or developer, even those making use of the premises are equally responsible.

The foremost task is to ensure people handling electrical equipment are well-trained, updated and competent to deal with every kind of situation. Complete periodic electrical upkeep and inspections should be meticulously done. Most importantly, it is imperative to hire a professional contractor for repairs or maintain trained and qualified service technicians.

Even in the case of electrical safety in commercial buildings or work areas, the UAE government makes it imperative to safeguard life and property by following strict guidelines which include the proper earthing of electrical equipment, installing earth leakage circuit breakers and continuous maintenance.

The Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Division of Trakhees, Government of Dubai, presents an extensive discussion on safety during building construction, including a section dedicated to the safety of electrical installations in buildings specifying important points like the competency of electricians and the quality of equipment used and installed in the premises.

Handy Hints:

• Electrical risks include electric shock and fire due to a short circuit

• A record of electrical upkeep, inspections must be maintained

• Qualified professionals needed for electrical maintenance/repair

Source: Sabin Muzaffar, Special to Properties

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