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Footwear that lasts longer

Footwear that lasts longerImage Credit: Supplied

Part of our daily attire that gets most of the beating when it comes to wear and tear are our shoes, whether they be sneakers, leather shoes, etc. So mastering the art of proper shoe care is essential to keep them presentable and usable for longer.

Shoes with leather uppers need to be regularly cleaned and buffed with high quality wax polish to protect the material and give it a nice sheen. Always make sure that the shoes are dry and free of dust before applying. Avoid using liquid shoe polish applicators which may damage the surface of the material. Rainy days may require you to apply mink oil or a specialty waterproofing compound suitable for leather shoes.

Nubuck and suede require special care. You need to apply a weatherproof spray on these types of shoes before even using them. Purchase a suede brush and routinely clean your shoes with it. A special type of shampoo is available to get rid of stubborn stains, or you may choose to go to the cobbler who will know best how to remove it.

Dirt on cloth shoes may be removed using a mixture of mild detergent and water, or alternatively, baby wipes.

Sports shoes which are subject to heavy wear need to be completely washed in the machine or hand-washed. A mild dish detergent should be enough to get rid of dirt on your athletic shoes. Just make sure the laces and inserts have been removed before soaking them. If unsure, ask shoe store staff to check what detergent they recommend so you don't end up using something that can potentially ruin the upper material as well as the rubber sole. After washing, allow them to air dry; do not use the drier for this purpose as the process may ruin their shape.

Handy Hints:

• Leather uppers need to be polished regularly.

• Apply weatherproof spray before wearing suede.

• Use mild detergent or baby wipes to clean cloth shoes.

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