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Gadgets for dust eradication

Gadgets for dust eradicationImage Credit: Supplied

Living in the UAE, dust is part and parcel of our lives. No matter how much you clean your home on a daily basis, particles of dust find their way to furniture or floors. It's worse if you live in a villa with a garden or outdoor space. If the floors are tiled, then you can easily sweep off the dust, but with carpeted areas, you need a high-quality gadget that can suck out every inch of dust.

A vacuum cleaner does just that by sucking up dust and grime via a suction process. There are wet vacuum cleaners that can clean moisture-ridden and germ-infested areas. Steam cleaners have an anti-bacterial mechanism that offers a perfect solution to holistic cleaning. Dust is collected in a filter bag that can be removed, washed and dried before next use. There are some models that totally do away with the filter bag, which is replaced by a removable container with an attached filter.

A handheld version of the vacuum cleaner that also works on electricity is charged before use. One of the best advantages of using a handheld vacuum cleaner is its ease of use. It can be easily maneuvered and can be used to tackle dust especially on upholstery, difficult-to-reach surfaces, nooks and corners. Various models come with differently shaped attachments and separate brushes all for various purposes of cleaning, including car interiors.

A carpet and upholstery cleaner works in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner; the only difference is you can fill it with a cleaning solution and let the gadget work its magic to suck out all the grime from your carpets and keep them odor-free.

Handy Hints:

• Steam cleaners have an antibacterial mechanism.

• Handheld types are best for hard-to-reach areas.

• Carpet/upholstery cleaners use a cleaning solution.

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