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Get rid of pests that bug you

Cleanliness and hygiene are your first line of defense against verminImage Credit: Supplied

Newer apartment developments offer the convenience of having shared gym and pool facilities to all residents. However, the same way that some conveniences are shared, so are the woes shared, including, unfortunately, pests.

Unwelcome insects/vermin include cockroaches, rats and mice, ants, bed bugs and termites. Although termites are basically unheard of as a menace in buildings here, the rest are a common feature of urban apartment living.

An important factor which would discourage pests from habituating in your place is cleanliness and hygiene. Never let food and other waste fester in your garbage receptacles; keep your trash bins covered and empty them every night. Building watchmen also complain of some people not using the garbage chute to ‘shoot in’ their trash bags. Remember that a little effort goes a long way. If you keep garbage bags near the garbage chute, expect roaches and rats/mice to come crawling into your building. Don’t leave used plates, spoons, pots/pans and cooking implements in the sink unwashed overnight as this would encourage the little buggers to feast on your leftovers, and even make your home their permanent abode as well. Make it a habit to make a clean sweep of the kitchen and dining area before you turn in for the night to ensure there are no food particles left for pests.

Bed bugs require a holistic approach, depending on the degree of infestation, and might require the services of a licensed professional pest control company. You may need to change your mattress altogether or seal it in after sunning, and do a thorough inspection of apartment contents. Some professional services firms recommend fumigating the entire building to ensure no pests are left to migrate to the apartment next door.

Handy Hints:

• Keep trash bins covered and empty them nightly

• Don’t leave used/unwashed utensils out overnight

• Fumigation per building is better than per flat/unit

Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Classifieds. The writer is a freelancer