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How to keep plumbing systems in check

Address issues right away before they become full-blown problemsImage Credit: Supplied

Leaking taps and blocked drains are some of the common home plumbing problems that are frustratingly annoying. If not fixed right away, these may lead to burst pipes, water damage, corrosion and molds, eventually draining your money away in major repairs. However, a little regular check here and there will give you great savings on water bills.

A dripping tap in the kitchen or the bathroom can be easily fixed with a few twists and turns, i.e. tightening the bolts around it. If it proves unsuccessful, replace it with a new, more modern faucet for an updated look.

Hair, food particles and grease are among the top drain cloggers, and most households resort to chemicals to clear the pipes. But, it always pays to be eco-friendly to prevent pipe corrosion. Use solutions that are commonly found in the kitchen, like salt or vinegar, which can be poured down the drain and flushed with hot water. It is also wise to install tub or sink strainers to catch any debris that may build up over time resulting in pipe problems.

You flushed the toilet just fine, but you still hear a continuous dripping of water. While running toilet seems complicated to mend, you just have to open the tank and adjust its parts like the overflow tube and flapper chain.

However, if all your DIY efforts have proved futile, call in the pros to address the issues before they become full-blown problems. Maintenance firms in the UAE offer a full gamut of services ranging from house cleaning to repair of electrical and plumbing systems. And all it takes is a phone call or a click of a mouse.

Handy Hints:

* Leaking taps is one of common plumbing issues

* If DIY efforts don’t help, it is wise to call in the pros

* Maintenance companies are widespread in UAE

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