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The huge challenge of managing wastes

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Globalization and industrialization have become the order of the day for almost every country in the world. Though a boon for the modern world, these have also thrown up various challenges.

One such challenge is to manage huge amounts of wastes generated by modern civilizations. Waste management has, therefore, become an extremely essential component of life. The process basically consists of collecting solid and liquid wastes generated from residential, commercial, healthcare and other sectors for treatment, recycling, reusing or disposal.

In the UAE, municipalities, along with dedicated waste management service providers like Dulsco, work to protect the environment and keep the cities clean. While different-colored bins are placed throughout the emirates to segregate wastes, there are waste management service providers that offer services like medical waste collection, recycling, and collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

In Abu Dhabi, including Al Ain, Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi) is the one in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling wastes.

The Dubai Municipality, on the other hand, is dedicated to making the city a cleaner and greener place. It has earmarked two types of bins for waste collection. The green ones are for everything that can be recycled while the black bins are supposed to collect all other types of wastes. So far, the municipality has provided 15,000 bins across the city.

Private waste management companies like Dulsco, Trashco and Averda have also been actively collecting household wastes from various areas in and around the cities. According to them, the key to a better future lies in waste sorting. As a result, awareness programs are being implemented, and people all over the UAE are being encouraged to resort to a healthier future. So, the next time you see a black or a green bin, you know exactly how you can contribute to the environment and the world at large.

Handy Hints
• Waste management is the key to a healthier and better future
• Residents are urged to help protect the environment by recycling
• Tadweer is the one in charge of collecting wastes in the capital

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties