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Importance of annual maintenance contracts

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One can list several advantages of villa living – a greater degree of freedom, an enhanced sense of space, more privacy and the outdoor experience. However, one of its major disadvantages is the desperation in the event of a breakdown, be it in the air-conditioning system, electrical fixtures or plumbing units. To avoid this situation at best, it is recommended to sign an annual maintenance contract with a reputed property maintenance company well in advance.

Since the requirements of homeowners vary to a great extent, most of the home maintenance companies in the UAE offer a variety of packages to preserve as well as enhance the value and life of homes. These packages include preventive and/or reactive services as well as a combination of both.

To explain further, a very basic package would include unlimited emergency callouts only. An advanced package would include annual maintenance of the air-conditioning system (thrice a year), electrical fixtures (once a year) and plumbing (once a year) in addition to the unlimited emergency callouts. The premium package, on the other hand, would include all of the above as well as features such as free additional manpower and unlimited spare parts.

Should you need other services such as carpentry, masonry, pest control and painting, all these and more can be added, keeping in mind the specific needs of each customer. But naturally, the cost of the package would be directly proportional to the number of services added.

The flow of work is pretty simple. In the event of a breakdown, the homeowner contacts the 24-hour call center of the property maintenance company on its designated toll-free number. Once the call is registered, it is prioritized and forwarded to the maintenance team for swift action. A team of professionals then visits the site and attends to the task in accordance with the terms of the contract that has been signed previously. Since these maintenance teams operate from 8am to 5pm from Saturday to Thursday, there is a separate emergency team that operates 24/7 to oversee jobs that may be reported post-operational hours on any day.

Handy Hints
• Having a home maintenance contract is cheaper than once-off repair work
• One can choose among many packages depending on villa size and others
• Other services such as masonry and carpentry can be added to any package

Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer