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Keep household ‘helpers’ clean

Keep household ‘helpers’ cleanImage Credit: Supplied

Washing machines and dishwashers have now graduated into almost essential household gadgets. Even minor glitches affecting these devices can cause upheavals at home, upsetting the daily routine. Here are some tips to enhance their efficiency and longevity:

Make sure you use your dishwasher regularly to prevent molds from forming inside and emitting a foul smell. If this happens, run an empty dishwasher with a cup of baking soda and 1.5 cups of vinegar. This cleans the unit and removes soap residue.

Once a month, clean the exterior with mild soap and sponge. Check the small holes on the sprayer arms for clogs, and clean them. Also check for debris at the bottom of the unit. Get all chips in the rack repaired as this will prevent the rack from rust, and ensure the dishes do not get marks from exposed metal.

For washing machines, check for wear and tear on the hoses; replace them if they are more than five years old. A leaking hose can cause house flooding. Keep the door of the machine open after laundry so that the drum dries up. Also make sure you wipe the inside and outside of the machine once every week. And do not forget to look for buttons, thread and soap residue.

The washing machine should always be placed on an even surface; otherwise, it may move during the spin cycle causing damage.

Most importantly, remember to go through the owner’s manual for more information on dishwasher and washing machine maintenance and care.

Handy Hints

* To clean dishwasher, use baking powder and vinegar

* Use mild soap and a sponge to clean the exteriors 

* Keep washing machine door open after laundry

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