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Keep your walls spotless

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In time, like other parts of your home, walls also get heaped with lots of dust, grit, and grime. Just like floors, if walls are not dusted and cleaned regularly, the surroundings end up looking shabby.

Spot-free walls do not need to be achieved with the help of an expert or cleaning agency. Walls can be vacuumed with a soft-bristled brush attachment that can be easily attached and detached. Cloth-covered brooms and electrostatic dusting wipes also aid in giving walls a fine polish.

Some handy ingredients available at home can be used to give walls a fresh look in no time. Use a dry sponge to remove blotches of dirt. Lavender oil mixed with water and sprayed over sticky spots can do wonders.

Painted walls, on the other hand, require extra care to avoid leaving ugly patches after the removal of any dirt. Vinegar, ammonia, and baking soda mixed with warm water can eliminate all traces of dirt without spoiling the paint. Be a little rough with your cleaning when it comes to handling partially glossy walls so that no trace of dirt is left behind. On the contrary, satin and latex paints fade if too much pressure is applied. A mixture of baking soda and water is effective at doing away with stubborn fingerprint stains and scratches.

Washing walls could be a tedious task; hence, if you find no time to make use of the above tips, make sure you have at least a soft clean rug or dry towel with you. Periodically dusting and wiping the walls dry can help you keep them well-maintained.

Handy Hints
• Use lavender oil and water to remove sticky spots
• Painted walls require extra care when cleaning
• Baking soda and water effective on scratches



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