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Keeping carpets good as new

Keeping carpets good as newImage Credit: Supplied

Carpets and rugs add oomph to an otherwise bare floor. Both don't come cheap though, but when properly cared for can even last a decade or more.

Whether you live in a carpeted abode, or have added rugs to the living room and bedroom, cleaning experts advise placing indoor and outdoor mats by the doorway to lessen the dirt and soil that get transported into them. The floor coverings also need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their color and texture. Otherwise, dirt would embed in their fibers, making it much more difficult to remove.

Always check user instructions or the maintenance manual for the proper cleaning method to employ. Most often, though, vacuuming is the easiest route to eradicate grit, sand and soil – ideally twice weekly on high-traffic areas, and weekly on low or non-traffic spots.

Stains and spills are the death of homeowners. When these happen (and they most often do), act quickly or forever be sorry. Solid spills need to be carefully scooped up with a spoon or scraped with a dull knife, while liquid spills can be vacuumed. Next, blot (not scrub or rub) the stained area with a white cloth or paper towel until the stain is completely absorbed. Then use a damp towel to completely get rid of the mess.

If the stain is too stubborn to remove and plain water simply won't do, mix equal parts vinegar and water, or dishwashing liquid and water and treat the stain, or use a carpet spot and stain cleaner.

Once a year, call in the pros for carpets and rugs that warrant their services.

Handy Hints:

• Clean floor coverings regularly to maintain color

• Check user instructions / maintenance manual

• Stains and spills need to be tended to urgently

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