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Keeping your home safe and secure

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Your home is a place where you should feel safe and protected at all times. But there are instances when accidents like falls, trips and slips or even drowning occur at home which actually can be prevented.

Ensuring a safe environment for everyone at home should always be foremost because accidents can happen to anyone at any time. But it is equally important to determine who among the members in your household need more special attention. They could be children, elderly people or those with physical limitations. The whole property should be kept safe according to their needs, to ward off all dangers.

The most fatal household hazards are fires and gas leaks. All utilities like gas pipes, fire alarms, A/C vents, etc., should be checked and maintained at regular intervals. Make sure fire extinguishers are working fine. If your landlord does not do regular maintenance, you should get it done by external service providers. Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. Do not keep combustible products next to a gas stove.

Falls account for 40% of nonfatal home injuries. Make sure that all staircases and bathrooms have adequate grips or railings and are well-lighted. The best way to protect your child is to have the top and bottom of the stairs installed with safety gates. The same goes in pools within the yard to keep small children away from water-related injuries.

Put window guards to avoid children leaning over and falling out of the windows. Put brighter light bulbs in dark basements and put bright-color strips across the center to make the stairs more visible.

Prevent accidental poisoning caused by household products such as cleaning agents, beauty products, garden products, etc. Secure all chemicals high up on shelves or locked cabinets rather than under the kitchen and bathroom sinks where they can be easily reached, especially by children. If possible, store them in bins in a garden shed. Do not store these chemicals in old food containers or bottles as they can be mistakenly consumed as food. Use baby proof locks and make sure that you properly close the doors.

The best way to stave off accidents is to be alert and aware of potential hazards and by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Handy Hints
• Prevent falls and other accidents by installing safety gates, window guards
• Secure household products that can cause poisoning if inhaled or swallowed
• Houses should be hazard proofed according to the needs of the residents

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Abu Dhabi, Special to Properties
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