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Maintaining one’s home to protect its asset value

Maintaining one’s home to protect its asset valueImage Credit: Supplied

As the Dubai property market continues to mature, the regular maintenance of homes is increasingly and rightly being recognized as a sensible and cost-effective investment as opposed to an expense.

In addition to protecting the property's asset value, regular home maintenance contributes to the creation of a more hygienic, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your family. It also serves to significantly mitigate against the risks, inconvenience, and unexpected cost of emergency repairs. For landlords, investments are not only maintained in good working order for tenants, but there is also a strong evidence that well-maintained properties secure higher levels of rent and selling prices. Peace of mind-seeking tenants also often arrange for their own maintenance cover, although most tenants insist that landlords formally arrange for it.

There is a wide array of home maintenance areas that are dependent on the specifics of each property, but the key areas that typically require attention include the following:

• Ensuring the soundness and integrity of the building envelope and the external structures, doors and windows

• The effective functioning, tuning, and servicing of air-conditioning systems which improve air quality, reduce energy costs, and avoid potential damage to equipment

• Overhaul, testing and safety checking of electrical, plumbing, and water systems

• Repair of internal joinery and woodwork, doors, windows, and cupboards

• Painting, decorating, and other home improvement works

• Inspection of safety equipment such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

• Inspection of external drainage; ensuring gutters and downspouts are free of debris; inspection of irrigation systems to ensure there are no excessive water bills due to the improper functioning of controller or broken/leaking components

• General cleanliness and hygiene to a high standard including the removal of accumulated dirt, molds, and stains, both external and internal, particularly in hidden and hard-to-reach areas

Handy Hints:

• Regular maintenance is cost-effective as breakdown repairs are avoided

• It provides a safe and healthy environment for you and your family to enjoy

• Well-maintained properties secure higher values when renting out, selling them

Source: Navita Dyal Mathur, Special to Properties

The writer is General Manager, The Home Team