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Maintaining your home furniture

Maintaining your home furnitureImage Credit: Supplied

Comfort and durability play critical roles in maintaining household furnishings and accessories. The real value of your sofa, bed and any other home furniture lies in how long they can sustain wear and tear. Whether you are buying or improving and renovating, the quality of the product needs to be ascertained for longer performance.

When buying a piece of furniture, always make sure to know exactly where you will be placing it. Frequently used spaces such as the children’s room, main living area, and lounge require products which are more durable compared to the bedroom or study.

Consider the furniture quality in terms of wood type, padding, fabric, and spring. Each has an important part in creating the perfect piece. The most durable type of wood is kiln-dried hardwood such as ash, maple wood, oak, and gum. Use fabrics with natural fibers. Cotton, wool, and linen are the sturdiest materials, though cotton tends to disintegrate under sunlight and collects mildew.

Remember, it is not the thickness of the fiber but the number of threads in each square inch that makes all the difference. Padding is yet another aspect which needs to be looked at. Dacron is the cheapest type of seat core available. That said, it is also durable depending on the foam density and quantity used.

In Dubai, there are companies that showcase a wide array of products and services for individuals as well as companies. Offering sound advice, they not only make new furniture but can also reupholster old sentimental pieces. If you are looking for cheaper options, check out the furniture market on Sharjah Immigration Road. You can get your furniture reupholstered for as low as Dh500.

Handy Hints:

• Identify where to place furniture before buying one

• Consider quality in terms of spring, wood type, etc.

• The UAE has stores which reupholster old furniture

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