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Protect your assets by hiring a facilities management company

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When purchasing property, we always ensure to keep it well-maintained throughout the year. Seldom do we realize that the timely maintenance of all facilities within a building or tower can be difficult at times.

To make things easy, look at teaming up with a facilities management (FM) company to handle all your property-related concerns. Although this is a quick solution, make sure you choose a reputed company to safeguard everything within your property. They should provide advisors who are willing to be at your service round-the-clock.

From managing repairs and replacement of equipment to advisory services that include suggesting a procurement strategy, handling all the logistics and accounts of the company, to keeping an eye on the ground and building maintenance, ensuring regular cleaning of facilities and providing appropriate health and security services, facilities management companies ensure that all issues pertaining to the upkeep of a specific property are taken care of. Managing and supervising the functioning of electrical works of a building, including the cooling and heating systems, also come under their wing.

Facilities management companies also look after other corporate, retail and residential services which cover engineering maintenance activities, office assistance services, fit-out and management of space services, and others.

Among the several reasons which make it imperative for a building owner to consider a company to look after property facilities include their being functional when an emergency situation arises.

Whether it is handling intricate engineering services or monitoring building maintenance from scratch to finish, a facilities management company is the one to call to complete any task at hand.

Handy Hints
• Most facilities management companies work round-the-clock
• Make sure to choose a reputed company by asking for referrals
• FM company services include maintenance, repair, cleaning, etc.

Source: Mrudvi Bakshi, Special to Properties
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