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Reorganize your garage space

Reorganize your garage spaceImage Credit: Supplied

It is common to have a personal garage space in a villa style accommodation. Whether or not you choose to actually park a car in it, the space is handy for storing random things accumulated over the course of time and, more often than not, the area can get overcrowded.

The trick is to cleverly organize items that are strewn around and create unique storage spaces that double up for other uses. Shelves, cabinets and cupboards can be built into the walls for stowing away things that you cannot bear to let go of. Throw out things you have not used in more than a year; if they are still in good condition, consider donating. Reclassify what you choose to keep behind.

Common problems that are visible in the garage are concrete stains on the floor and cracks. Concrete stains may be caused by dirt, oil or grease. Use the appropriate amount of cleaner and scrub into the stain with a bristle brush depending on how stubborn it is. For deep cracks on the floor, carefully apply a commercial sealant in layers, leaving each layer to dry overnight.

You may also consider getting a professional to install the garage door opener. It is important that this is done correctly and by a trained person because garage door springs can release enough pressure to come crashing down and injure or kill someone.

Use up all vertical space on walls and ceilings. Be warned that overhead storage needs to be strong and securely fixed to avoid any fatal accidents. Closed cabinets and racks look a lot neater than open arrangements. Label closets properly so you are not left digging through piles to find what you want.

Handy Hints:

• Put up cabinets, shelves and cupboards for storage.

• Use an appropriate cleaning agent to wipe off stains.

• Hire a professional to install the garage door opener.

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