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Second-hand furniture cares

Second-hand furniture caresImage Credit: Supplied

The UAE is a country where the dictum of change being the only constant takes on a new meaning. The continuous movement of people in and out of the country, and from one emirate to another, means that, more often than not, furniture is sold, bought and re-sold. But whether you are continuously on the go or not, buying second-hand furniture with prudence means more money in the pocket and getting a hand woven rug or an armchair with a history.

Odor alert – Upholstered furniture usually absorbs odors from its atmosphere. Some odors like those from pets and cigarette smoke are harder to dispel than others. Ask yourself if you are willing to buy the package deal of smell with savings.

Mechanics – Lean on tables, tip back chairs, open drawers and get comfy on sofas to get a feel of the furniture, and to be reasonably sure that hinges, joints and springs are in good working condition.

Weighing in the wood – Hardwood is good wood. If it is nicked or scratched, it can be repaired easily. Pine, commonly used in furniture, dents easily and is not long lasting. If sofas or chairs are made from good quality wood like maple or oak but the fabric leaves a lot to be desired, they can be cheaply upholstered.

Say no to mattresses – One thing that should never be bought second-hand is a mattress. Mattresses are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, germs and bugs. A few dirhams saved is not worth the health risk that they ultimately pose.

Inspection – It is never a good idea to buy used furniture online without a thorough physical inspection first.

Handy Hints:

• Furniture made of hardwood a good investment.

• Mattresses harbor bugs; must not be bought used.

• Don't buy furniture that reeks of cigarette smoke.

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