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Special care for home surfaces

Special care for home surfacesImage Credit: Supplied

Your house comprises many different surfaces ranging from marble, granite, wood, aluminum, glass, and the list goes on. Keeping them in tip-top condition requires regular attention and cleaning.

Marble is perhaps the most exquisite of them all. Unique in look with its variations in shades and whirling patterns, it is perhaps the most vulnerable surface to work on being susceptible to damage, streaks and stains. Timing is crucial when cleaning marble as it is a porous substance. The longer it is stained or soiled, the harder it will be to clean it. Immediately blot the spoiled area making sure you don't rub it as the stain might spread. Prevention is better than cure, so place those tumblers and goblets over fancy coasters. Use neutral floor cleaners for marble floors and keep hot items away from such surfaces, or use a trivet or stand to support them. You can also wipe the surface clean by mixing baking soda and water.

Glass surfaces seem to be the easiest to maintain, but, truth be told, they can become quite a headache too. Yes, newspaper works best on them so avoid using cotton rags lest you want lint on your hand. Blend a small amount of vinegar in water and clean the grime with chamois leather. For that extra shine, rub the windows with newspaper.

Avoid using citrus-based (acidic) cleaners on granite surfaces as they tend to leave etching marks especially on the countertops and damage the sealants. Even water can cause issues if used alone. Instead, mix it with rubbing alcohol and it will do wonders.

Handy Hints:

• Marble is porous so immediate attention is vital.

• Use chamois leather, paper when cleaning glass.

• Never use acidic cleaners on granite surfaces.

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