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Special care for wooden furniture

Special care for wooden furnitureImage Credit: Supplied

Wooden furniture has been around for as long as the chisel, hammer and axe have been. It is a safe assumption that not a single modern home exists without at least one or two pieces of wooden furniture. Surprisingly though, little is known about caring for wooden furniture and even less is done about it. If you want to keep your investment safe, here are some simple things you can do:

Dust, dust, dust – Yes, it is one of the most obvious methods of furniture maintenance. Dusting wooden furniture must be done with a damp cheesecloth. Another towel should be run after to remove dampness.

Protect – Because wooden furniture is organic, it reacts negatively to environmental factors. It needs to be protected from both high humidity and dry conditions, and from areas prone to water leaks and direct sunlight.

Wax – Waxing should be an annual affair for your furniture as excessively treating wood with wax leads to buildup and loss of sheen. The quality of wax to be used depends on the quality of wood. Precious antique wood furniture must be waxed with a relatively expensive microcrystalline wax while more ordinary wood can be treated with beeswax.

Stain removal – Greasy fingerprint marks, cup stains and spills can be easily cleaned using a sponge dampened with a mild soapy water solution. This should be immediately followed by a clean dry cloth.

Spruce up – In case furniture shows a lot of wear, a commercial restoration product can be used. Always read the instructions carefully and use it sparingly.

Handy Hints:

• Waxing wooden furniture must be a yearly ritual.

• Mild soapy water solution can clean spills, stains.

• Keep wooden sets away from direct sunlight.

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