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Spring cleaning for cameras, lenses

Spring cleaning for cameras, lensesImage Credit: Supplied

Some spend days documenting everyday life, go home excited at the thought of having captured a place's ''soul'' only to find out that most of the pictures have dark spots in them. If this sounds like you, it's about time you seriously gave your photography gear the attention it deserves. Cameras and accessories don't come cheap, and neglecting their maintenance not only leads to poor quality images but also a dent in your pocket. So, invest in a quality cleaning kit and get on with the task.

Lenses and filters – Because they are delicate, you can't just use anything you pick up from the hardware store. Blast off dust, sand and other debris with a blower, and wipe off smudges and prints with a microfiber cloth/lens tissue dampened with a lens cleaning solution.

Sensor – Dust gets inside the camera body when changing lenses, and dust that sticks to the sensor appears on pictures as gray or dark dots. To get rid of it, use the right tools, proceed with caution or forever be sorry. Point the camera opening towards the floor, eliminate dirt and dust using an air blaster and carefully brushing the sensor in one motion with an electrostatic brush. You can also clean the sensor using a cleaning fluid and a sensor swab. If unsure, let the pros do it for you.

Body – Use a soft brush to remove sand and tiny particles that get deposited in the exterior curves and crevices like the battery and memory card doors, buttons, dials, lens mount and the like. Wipe the viewfinder, LCD screen and front of the built-in flash with a lint-free cloth, and the lens barrel and body with a soft cloth.

Bag – A dirty bag produces a camera kit smeared with grease and dirt. Turn the bag upside down and vacuum everything that has accumulated in it.

Handy Hints:

• Use a blower to clean camera lenses and filters.

• Clean sensor using a cleaning fluid and a sensor swab.

• Lint-free cloth is best for wiping camera parts.

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