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Squeaky clean moving in or out

Squeaky clean moving in or outImage Credit: Supplied

A to-do list for a move to a new home, a new city or a new country can fill volumes. In the hubbub of activity that ensues, a time deficit occurs and it is easy to forget something as simple as leaving a clean home for the new tenant or having a new residence given a proper maintenance once-over.

Conveniently enough, there is no dearth of moving-in and moving-out professional cleaning services available in the UAE. These companies offer deep cleaning services that comprise, but are not limited to, kitchen deep cleaning that includes cabinets, fridges, drawers, cooking range, exhaust fans and walls, bathroom and balcony deep cleaning, floor deep cleaning with floor washers and scrubbers, carpet and rug cleaning where applicable, sanitization of all ceramics and aluminum houseware, cleaning and polishing of internal windows and mirrors, stain removal and even having ceiling fans given the royal treatment.

Most companies offer flexible rates and a myriad of packages to meet each client's individual need and budget. A client may be charged by the size of his home, i.e. per square foot, the number of hours required for a thorough cleaning through an hourly rate or even for additional services outside the parameters of a basic moving-in or moving-out cleaning package. Because of the nature of the services provided, these companies are highly flexible in terms of accommodating specific needs by servicing a home when convenient for the client.

Easily found in the yellow pages, print ads, the Internet or by simply asking around, good cleaning companies offering moving-in and moving-out cleaning services have never been more accessible.

Handy Hints:

• People can hire pros for thorough cleaning services.

• Cleaning firms offer flexible packages to clients.

• Find service providers in yellow pages, ads, etc.

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