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Swimming pool cleaning

Look for providers with highly skilled and dedicated staffImage Credit: Supplied

The flow rate, hydraulic design, pipe size, filter and pump type plus the chemicals used are factors that make a difference in keeping a swimming pool sanitised.

Thus, choosing the most appropriate pool care service provider tops the list when it comes to keeping one’s pool, whether it is in a commercial or a residential property, well maintained at all times.

Most cleaning companies in the UAE offer periodic maintenance and cleaning of various types of swimming pools in different areas of the emirate.

They check, clean and replace the chlorine, and maintain a standard pH level for the safe use of the pool. Their services also include vacuuming the pool, brushing the walls and tiles, cleaning or backwashing the filter, skimming away any surface debris, emptying the skimmer, pump and filter baskets, and adding and/or adjusting the chemical level to maintain water quality.

Look for a service provider that employs highly skilled and dedicated staff, and uses state-of-the-art methods and equipment. They should also be able to prepare a viable report with recommendations on how they think it is best to clean or maintain the pool.

Fees may vary for each service, schedule, pool size and location. However, there are tailored packages that not only suit one’s pool cleaning requirements but also one’s budget.

Handy Hints:

* Water and pH level maintenance is important

* Providers do re-plastering, refurbishing, retiling

* Look for a package with pool equipment repairs

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Classifieds

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