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The task of fixing plumbing issues

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Does your drain overflow, sink bubble or toilet gurgle? One, if not all, can be very frustrating. When the plumbing system goes wrong, most activities in the home or office come to a halt. In fact, this brings nasty smells, and creates havoc and utter disorder.

Inspect small leaks, even negligible, in sink drains, toilet taps, water heaters, overhead water tanks, showers, bathtubs and washing machines. Leaks can discolour tiles, walls and flooring which, when go unnoticed, can breed mildew and harmful bacteria. Call in your property maintenance team for problems that need fixing.

However, for issues that do not come under the purview of building maintenance, there are 24-hour plumbing service providers available across the country.

They offer services that cover pipe fittings, clogged drainage, water leakage, flow problems, troublesome fixtures, toilet flush mechanisms, shower heads, urinals, internal pipes and sewers, among others.

Although small pipe repairs like caulking are easy, the backing up issue is seriously down the drain. When your abode or business is in a tall building, beyond-DIY maintenance requires skilled professionals to adeptly resolve problems and their future recurrence.

Fees for plumbing repair services vary depending on the complexity of the problem. Be aware of any issues to avoid dreadful inconvenience at the most inopportune time, and to ensure the health and safety of all.

Handy Hints
• Frustrating issues include slow drains and leaks
• Regular checks on pipes and water fixtures help
• Call 24-hour providers for plumbing emergencies

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Classifieds
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