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Tips on electrical works for your home

Tips on electrical works for your homeImage Credit: Supplied

There are three reasons for needing a professional electrical service for your home: repair, remodeling or regular maintenance.

When it comes to electrical maintenance, all residential and commercial properties should schedule regular checks on their lighting systems, power outlets, switches, circuit breakers and, in some cases, generators and surge protectors. These checks should be completed about once a year for residential properties and more frequently for commercial units. The older the property, the more necessary and regular these checks should be.

Electrical tests, like all electrical services, should always be carried out by trained and licensed professionals. Even for something as simple as replacing worn fuses or blown circuits can be potentially dangerous without proper knowledge and experience.

Having a full electrical service can detect any potential problems in wiring to prevent future shorts or potential blackouts. The best time for an electrician to properly check the wirings in a residential property is during a large remodeling when they can get better access to them without causing any damage to the property. If you are planning to remodel, especially the key areas like the kitchen, tie it in with a thorough electrical check.

There are many maintenance companies in the UAE that offer the full gamut of property maintenance services, including electrical works. Just ensure you do your homework before hiring one.

Handy Hints:

• Electrical works must be done by a professional

• DIY electrical jobs tend to cause more problems

• Maintenance companies are aplenty in the UAE

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