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Upkeep of public show areas

Upkeep of public show areasImage Credit: Supplied

Although most weekends find people flocking to watch the latest blockbuster films in cinemas, we normally don't think much about how these places we get to enjoy in darkness save for the matte white screen popularly used in theaters now, with the silver screen (silver lenticular screen) being used for 3D films aside from aluminized screens also used for the same purpose, get sanitized at the end of each day. The same can be said for venues where theatrical dramas or plays are held.

Keeping these places clean and germ-free is important as such large, enclosed spaces where people eat, drink, spill and drop things are ideal microbial breeding grounds. Among the most challenging areas in cinema and theatre cleaning are the seating, carpet, lights (also, spotlights and stage lights), restrooms, and the screen or dome.

Companies that offer theatre and cinema cleaning/maintenance services tailor their packages according to client needs as there are those that want cleaning to be done during closing time; those who want cleaning after every show; and those who require cleaning after each schedule slot and right after the last show time.

Some service providers use portable steam cleaner systems which emit pressurized vapor to sanitize washroom sinks, mirrors, taps, armrests, headrests, floors, glass surfaces, countertops, etc.

To remove stubborn chewing gum, some companies employ freeze dry spray in can, or vapor-rich steam cleaners in combo with gum removal liquid and heavy gauge stainless steel brushes. Staff trained in handling light, and dome or screen cleaning and maintenance are also trained in handling the electrical components of these types of equipment.

Handy Hints:

• Theatre parts include seating, carpet, lights, etc.

• Companies tailor services to client requirements.

• Portable steam cleaning systems used by pros.

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