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Value of water tank cleaning in Dubai

With Dubai or the UAE’s hot and arid climate as a whole, water tanks can turn out to be breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms. Regular and thorough maintenance is the only solution to provide clean water for basic public use.

The municipal bodies of all the emirates have stipulated that water tanks and drainage pipes should be extensively cleaned twice a year. It is the responsibility of the landlord to undertake this task.

The basic procedure of water tank cleaning involves high pressure water jetting out – washing the tank’s ceiling, walls and flooring. Then a disinfectant approved by the municipality is used. After further cleaning, the water is tested for total dissolved solids (TDS) and pH to determine purity. Biox 500 or Cleaver are some of the eco-friendly disinfectants approved by the Dubai Municipality for tank cleaning.

The tenants of the building are notified prior to the cleaning procedure and water may be stopped for half a day. Buildings and organizations are required to adhere to these rules. About 40 companies are authorized to clean residential water storage and pipe systems in Dubai.

The government has undertaken huge steps for the desalination of salt water in the country. If tanks and pipes are maintained regularly, this water is also considered safe for drinking. Municipality officials carry out surprise checks for tank water quality. Tenants can also complain to the Food Control Department of the municipality of Dubai or other emirates if they feel tanks are not being cleaned on a regular basis.

Handy Hints
• Water tanks need thorough cleaning twice a year
• Water tank cleaning is the landlord’s responsibility
• Tenants can file a complaint if tanks aren’t cleaned


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