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Waste management matters in the UAE

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The UAE is passing more and more legislation in an effort to be more environmentally aware with new building codes and construction requirements for greener buildings and a more sustainable and energy efficient society. As with any society, especially a green one, the problem of waste management is highly significant.

The Center of Waste Mgmt. (CWM) in Abu Dhabi produced a report written by Dr. Udayan Banerjee, which highlights the key areas of waste mgmt. that require attention. The report stated that 50% of all waste generated within the emirate is from construction and demolition.

The Waste Sector Strategy for Abu Dhabi has proposed various plans to make significant changes to how the emirate handles waste management, all to be implemented by 2030. These include diversion away from landfills, electricity and heat generation from waste sources, maximizing Reuse, Recycle and Resource Recovery from waste as well as utilization of green and organic waste for energy.

Earlier in the year, CWM extended its waste segregation awareness campaign into more areas of Abu Dhabi which now include Mohammed bin Zayed City, Mussafah commercial area, Al Shawamekh, Abu Dhabi Gate City, Bain Al Jessrain, Officers City and Khalifa City A.

Meanwhile in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality’s (DM) waste management department has begun expanding its door-to-door project “My City… My Environment” with the hopes of driving more areas to segregate waste by giving green and black bins. The green bins will be for recyclable materials like plastic containers, cardboard boxes, newspapers and metal cans, while the black bins are designated for ‘general waste’ such as leftover food, vegetable peelings and fruit skins, and non-recyclable materials such as disposable cups, paper towels, trays and containers. The drive starts in Jumeirah, Safa, Umm Suqueim, Al Manara and Barsha; more areas will be added soon.

Handy Hints
• In Abu Dhabi, 50% of waste is from construction, demolition
• Dubai’s door-to-door campaign distributes bins to households
• The drive covers areas such as Jumeirah, Barsha, Al Manara, etc.

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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