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The advantage of multiple courses

Enhancing one’s knowledge is an ongoing process when one is eager to learn, share and develop different ideas and concepts.

With so many avenues having opened up today, aiding us in enhancing our knowledge, we should be ready to accept challenges and grab every opportunity to learn coming our way.

Taking up multiple courses of study or branching out into diverse fields is one such way. One can benefit from this either during formal university studies (by choosing to add subject/s to the subjects of your actual course), or even while working (enrolling in a training institute).

In university, we see students largely opting to enroll for courses which could, in future, help them pursue a job in a similar field. Although this seems the most appropriate decision, considering the competitive job market today, will it be advisable to limit oneself to a particular area of study?

Taking on multiple courses adds on to an individual’s skills and abilities, and makes one more receptive to new ideas. One would also stand a better chance to choose the right kind of job without compromising on requirements. For instance, a course in computers need not only apply to IT professionals, but could also help those taking on accounting or finance jobs.

Multitasking on-the-job becomes easier if one has knowledge in more than one particular subject. It gives one an edge over fellow employees and helps speed up the pace of work. Complex business procedures become easier to decipher, simplifying work and widening your scope to take on much more challenging assignments.

Handy Hints

• Multiple courses help enhance skills and abilities
• They enable a person to handle several job roles
• Complex work can get simpler if one knows more

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