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Airline ticketing and reservations in the UAE

Airline ticketing and reservationsImage Credit: Supplied
A career in tourism interests those who like interacting with people, and who enjoy learning more about other countries and cultures. Careers in the tourism industry can be built into sub-fields such as airlines, hospitality and event management. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for airlines, and they offer training courses in the field of ticketing and travel reservations.
The main aim of such a course is to fully equip students with a complete understanding of fare computation and making reservations. To understand how fares are calculated, it is absolutely essential for one to have a good idea of world geography, and training in the global distribution system (GDS).
Fares can be of different types such as open-jaw, return, one way, etc. Distances are an important factor in how fares are decided, and knowledge of routing is crucial. Software such as Galileo and Amadeus are used to compute fares especially if multiple destinations are involved, and multi-routes.
A university in Sharjah offers the IATA GDS fares and ticketing course. The course provides participants with a detailed understanding of the pricing process of a passengers’ journey, understand the applicable worldwide fare rules, use the fare formula, and use a GDS to issue airline tickets according to current international standards. In Dubai, there are IATA- authorized training centers and establishments that offer one the opportunity to attain IATA, as well as United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA) program training diplomas.
Handy Hints:
* Sub-fields in tourism include airlines, hospitality, etc.
* Reservation and fare processing training essential
* GDS training and knowledge of geography needed
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