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Answering the call of the stage

Answering the call of the stageImage Credit: Supplied

There is something real about acting on stage that appeals to thespians and theater lovers alike. Something raw that still draws droves of people to theaters despite the high ticket prices. Even in this age of reality shows, social media and Candy Crush, the potent lure of the stage remains. In the UAE, people still troop to theater productions and enroll in drama classes offered by different institutions and organizations.

Drama courses can serve as a springboard to a career on stage (or film, if you want to straddle both worlds). Whether you are an actor who wants to learn new techniques or someone who wishes to cross over to the other side, i.e. from a spectator to an actor, there is a profusion of acting classes to choose from. These classes cater to every age group – whether you are three or 43.

Students who desire to major in Theater may enroll at New York University Abu Dhabi which boasts a vast theater program. Resuscitation Theatre, also in Abu Dhabi, conducts acting workshops for children and adults, and customizes workshops for schools that need to integrate drama into their curriculum. In Dubai, the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC) provides a venue for various performance classes for two-year-olds to adults. The theater courses, which include a class exclusively for moms, are being conducted by Drama Scene, Kids' Theatre Works and Drama Dubai. Fees range from Dh850 per week to Dh2,500.

The road to becoming a serious thespian does not end with theater classes. Stage acting is a craft that requires lifelong study. Actors are advised to regularly engage in acting workshops, attend auditions and enroll in related courses to continue challenging their abilities and skills.

Handy Hints:

• NYU Abu Dhabi boasts a vast theater program.

• Resuscitation Theatre conducts acting workshops.

• DUCTAC is a venue for various performance classes.

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