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Be a nurse’s aide or caregiver

Be a nurse’s aide or caregiverImage Credit: Supplied

Most of us have been subject to the care of health and medical institutions at some point in our lives. Nurses with their assistants called nurses' aides (NAs) normally take charge of daily/routine care. Aside from feeding, grooming, and caring for patients requiring rehabilitative or long-term care, NAs are sometimes given medically-oriented tasks like taking blood pressure, body temperature, etc. They can also undertake administrative work like record-keeping and file maintenance.

Study programs that cater to those interested in a career as a nurse's aide vary in duration from one month to six months. Shorter programs usually cater to those who already have a medical or healthcare background; longer ones cater to those with barely any or no background whatsoever. Further studies in healthcare may also be undertaken by NAs, with certification being a desirable option for better placement opportunities.

Caregivers, on the other hand, provide a lot of emotional support apart from medical support. They often perform 24-hour jobs so it is important to get attuned to the patient's personality and moods to be able to understand his needs better. A caregiver's job is often performed in the patient's home, so it is important that caregivers are cheerful individuals who can get easily along with others.

The International Airline and Business Academy runs a four-month program that provides training and support for aspiring caregivers. It molds individuals into empathetic persons who can offer professional care to the elderly, children and those with special needs.

Handy Hints:

• A nurse aide career requires patience, dedication

• Caregivers expected to provide emotional support

• Certification helps in better placement opportunities

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