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Been bitten by the acting bug?

UAE offers many opportunities to hone one’s acting abilitiesImage Credit: Supplied

Though some famous actors can claim to have been born exceptional performers, it doesn’t mean that you need to be born an actor (or actress) to be one. In fact, not everyone who goes to drama or acting class actually wants to end up in the movies, TV or even theater. A few people who study drama or acting simply want to hone their storytelling and public speaking skills, or wish to have an artistic outlet for their emotions.

But whether or not you are thinking of taking up acting as a hobby or interest, or to develop your public speaking skills, or even envision it to be a long-term career, UAE offers plenty of opportunities to develop your acting abilities as several schools, academies and institutes offer programs meant to tap a person’s theatrical leanings.

Acting programs not only focus on acting per se – musical theater, monologues, improvisation and the like, although drama workshops and short-term training programs generally focus on one or two elements; more comprehensive studies involving film acting also cover script development or scriptwriting/screenwriting, producing and directing, among others. For theatrical programs, other studies may be included aside from acting, scriptwriting and directing. Items like story and character building, dramatic reading, musical scoring, lighting, production design, costume design and make-up also usually form part of such programs.

Since taking acting lessons can never be done too early nor too late, programs for children, teenagers and adults are offered in various acting establishments.

Handy Hints:

• People take acting lessons for a number of reasons

• Acting programs involve a lot of elements/themes

• Programs are offered to teens, children and adults

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Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Classifieds