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Best summer classes for children

Best Summer Classes for childrenImage Credit: Supplied

With the long summer holiday, many parents usually wonder about what to do with their kids while they are off school for two months, especially if both parents are working. The good news is, the UAE has plenty of summer programs that run during the school holidays; all you need to decide is what sort of summer class your children will enjoy.

There are plenty of summer camps that run sports and activities programs throughout the summer months. Football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, water sports and all sorts of martial arts are offered at summer camps such as Dubai Holiday Camps which has multiple branches across the emirate. Activities are varied and groups divide the children by age ranging from as young as two all the way to 14 years of age. Activity camps such as these tend to run for either half a day as well as full day to allow great flexibility for parents working full-time.

For parents wanting their children to make a more productive use of their summer months, there are many other options. Children for whom English is a second language can use this time to improve their skills. Institutes such as The Royal English Language Centre and Dar el ilm run summer camps to help improve language skills, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and even to prepare children for IELTS and TOEFL.

Kids not interested in sports or studying have plenty of creative alternatives such performing arts and theater groups that run summer workshops in acting, singing and dancing. Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company runs summer drama camps from the end of June.

Handy Hints
• Sports camps have activities such as football, etc.
• Children can learn or improve in a second language
• Theater great choice for kids who love performing





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