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Busting crimes using technology

Forensics courses in UAE offered at undergrad and masters levelsImage Credit: Supplied

If you enjoy solving mysteries, you do not always have to end up being a detective. You can study the different branches of sciences to aid law enforcement agencies to bust crimes. In the UAE, forensic science courses are available both at undergraduate and masters levels.

An American university in Dubai conducts undergraduate courses in Digital Forensics. This involves studying the various methods of attaining and analyzing information from devices like mobile, computer or hard disk. The data is then used to solve not only criminal cases but also economic frauds.

The rampant cybercrimes like stalking on the Internet and publishing blasphemous materials on social networks have prompted government agencies to recruit graduates equipped with knowledge of digital forensics. They are recruited as cyber intelligence officer, mobile systems developer, intrusion forensic engineer, wireless network administrator, computer crime and investigation officer and intelligence officers at embassies.

The two-year Masters course in Human Genetics and Forensic Science offered at an Indian school in the emirate requires students to have graduate degree in biotechnology, life and biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology or pharmacy. Forensic geneticists use genetic samples to help identify crime victims and perpetrators, assist in victim identification in crime situations and disasters like air crashes, and others. Since their expertise is mostly sought in legal cases, forensic students also study criminal justice system.

Handy Hints:

* Cyber intelligence officers study digital forensics

* Forensic geneticists usually aid in legal situations

* Forensic students also study criminal justice system

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Classifieds

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