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Calligraphy - Art of ‘carving’ into paper

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History says that calligraphy, the art of aesthetic writing, dates back to thousands of years ago before the printing press was even invented. The introduction of technology brought with it several changes in the written text, including numerous fonts, but it didn’t put calligraphy in the list of “long-forgotten art.” In fact, it is still very much alive today.

Calligraphy has evolved throughout the years, spawning multiple types depending on the countries that practice it. These types, e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Western, differ in styles and mediums used. But one thing is common: the art’s attention to detail. Proponents of this art believe that it boosts mental focus, and promotes patience and perseverance, among other benefits.

Individuals who want to learn something new or enhance their skills are lucky as the UAE has schools that offer classes on the different types of this unique art, with Arabic calligraphy being the most prominent.

Classes generally teach the students the basics of calligraphy including techniques and lines, shapes, colors and tools. These are either offered free of charge (in workshops conducted by some schools and organizations during art/book fairs) or paid, with fees that run from hundreds for a single workshop to thousands for a full course. The fees depend on the course duration, the group/school that initiates such and the inclusion of materials (canvas, paint, pen, among others).

Need a new weekend diversion? About time you learned calligraphy and hung your own artwork at home.

Handy Hints
• Calligraphy offered by schools, universities in UAE
• It boosts mental focus and promotes perseverance
• Course fees usually start at a few hundred dirhams

Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds
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