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Delve into the world of writing

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Want to dabble in poetry? Planning to be published, or be a playwright someday? About time you took creative writing classes.

Creative writing simply involves expressing your thoughts and emotions in any form you want, be it poetry, fiction or screenplay. Its main purpose is to entertain, and they say you don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to do that.

The UAE has training institutes and organizations that offer creative writing courses, giving aspiring novelists or screenwriters every opportunity to turn their daydreams into reality. The courses can either be short-term held for weeks, or full-term that runs for months. They initially discuss the basics of creative writing that include structure and grammar, and gradually touch deeper topics that cover a wide range of literary genres. Critique sessions, wherein students are urged to share experiences and techniques, are usually part of the program.

One school in Abu Dhabi offers the full gamut of creative writing, from introduction to creative writing to screenwriting and playwriting. While the program is only offered to its students, there are writing workshops in Dubai that are open to individuals who are interested in writing, no matter their age. Fees depend on the course duration, and can range from a few hundreds to more than Dh1,000. Lecturers are generally published authors.

Writing is a gift that needs patience and luck to produce successful works. While not everyone can become published authors, everyone can be taught the basics.

Handy Hints
• Creative writing’s main purpose is to entertain
• Creative writing workshops are offered in UAE
• Fees generally depend on the course duration

Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds
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