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Different courses on dog care for your pet

Different courses on dog careImage Credit: Supplied

Getting your first pet is exciting but lack of experience in handling an animal can be unnerving. A number of pet care training courses in Dubai have come up to help dog owners pick up essential tips on how to look after their new family addition and cope up with emergencies.

One of the most popular courses is a three to four hour session aimed at first-time owners where they are introduced to the basic knowledge of dog training. Toilet training, nutrition and exercise, health checks and preparing for vet visits are some of the essential topics.

Teaching obedience skills to your four-legged companion is fun but challenging. You can teach your dog the basic commands and manners by attending a weekly one-hour session spread over a month.

For those looking to have a more comprehensive initiation into handling pets, a Dog Training Assessment (DTA) is conducted to judge the behavior pattern of the animal and the owner to help the two bond together. It also takes into account the owner's expectations and requirements. Though the owner needs to be assertive while grooming, the relationship between the owner and the dog will be damaged if it is built on fear and the owner is too strict. The number of sessions is customized depending on your goals.

Another handy course for dog owners is the Canine First Responder Course. This gives you the tools to prepare for a medical emergency. Some of the topics are the use of barriers such as gloves and face shields in treating dogs, spinal injury management and control of serious bleeding. This is a one-day course conducted in over five to six hours.

Handy Hints:

• Basic dog training can be learned in four hours.

• There are many pet training courses to choose from.

• Some courses are meant for medical emergencies.

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