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Digital media: Short courses for graphic designers

Graphic design is a broad field that encompasses diverse disciplines. It constantly evolves and changes, technically and creatively. Therefore, the unceasing need to upgrade one’s skills is necessary to keep up with the latest design trends and be ahead of competition. Some graphic designers choose to push the limits of their creativity through self-study; others opt to enroll in short-term courses.

The UAE is awash with learning institutions offering courses catering to graphic design professionals. They range from photography to illustration, animation and digital media. Abu Dhabi’s twofour54 reaches out to individuals in every creative spectrum with a set of digital media courses that run from five days to 12 weeks. Lessons include Introduction to Animation Techniques and Mobile Apps Development, each for a fee of Dh8,000.

Eton Institute at Dubai Knowledge Village is offering a Web Design course. The next schedule is in September. It will be held on three Saturdays at a fee of Dh750. Its Abu Dhabi counterpart dishes out courses like Animation Using Adobe Flash, among others. “Animation” will take place on two Saturdays at Dh500.

Designers who wish to learn new photography techniques may enroll at Gulf Photo Plus (GPP). GPP offers year-long workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Beginner fees are at around Dh750; beginner package prices at Dh2,756. Lightform, a Filipino photography organization, also conducts photography workshops at less than Dh1,000.

So whatever design discipline you are in, there are multiple training courses available, for you to consistently stay at the top of your game.

Handy Hints
• twofour54 offers a set of digital media courses
• Courses in photography, animation and more available
• Learn new photography techniques at Gulf Photo Plus


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