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Empowering your children early on

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While we all like our growing children to be academically sound, there are other aspects of their personality that deserve special attention. As parents, if we start sowing seeds of empowerment and leadership in their formative years, we can expect a well-rounded individual ready to take on the hurdles of adulthood.

Leadership training institutes for young ones work on the premise that “Great leaders are not born but made.” They encourage students to work on a “role model” behavior whereby children learn by example.

They engage children in team-building activities which require them to display qualities of self-belief, confidence and responsibility. Every child is given the freedom to pursue acts that interest them so it enables them to learn to break any barriers.

They even go a step ahead and take time to mentor the parents and caretakers of these kids to follow the same approach back home. Children are comforted with uniformity and this makes the learning process a whole lot easier.

One can find a handful of such institutes in the UAE. They start with children as young as four years old, and undertake students as old as 18. Some of these institutes affiliate themselves with schools and impart these trainings as part of children’s after-school activities.

They also run summer camps, Ramadan camps and weekend classes so children can make the most of their free time picking up key leadership skills.

Handy Hints
• Team-building activities help kids gain confidence
• Leadership training open to kids 4-year-olds and up
• Schools run summer camps, weekend classes, etc.






Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Classifieds
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