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Fine-tune social, business skills

Fine-tune social, business skillsImage Credit: Supplied

Unsure about the seating arrangement when you invite your colleagues to a formal dinner or the correct way of handing your business card to an industry delegate from abroad? There are a number of finishing schools in the region where you can pick up skills on domestic and business etiquette.

These schools run varied courses for women, corporates and even children. For women, the areas of focus are dining and entertaining. They are taught the right way of attending to a mobile call while having dinner with guests, or the protocol of greeting guests at a party including the correct way of shaking hands.

Popular courses for business leaders include effective corporate networking, entertaining business guests and choosing the correct attire for corporate meetings.

There are specialized trainings available for corporates before media interactions. They undergo voice training and public speaking drills using drama teaching tools so they can confidently convey the viewpoints of the company during a press meet. Fresh graduates are taught effective resume-writing and how to prepare for job interviews with special attention on the choice of attire.

Grooming schools teach kids as early as six to seven years. Children are mainly taught the correct posture at the dining table, how to handle different cutlery and ways to avoid table mishaps. Many specialized summer camps are also conducted for children where the focus is on grooming and social etiquette.

Though most finishing schools only conduct one-day courses, these can be customized for a few days if you are looking for more extensive training. Many grooming schools also conduct online courses.

Handy Hints:

• Finishing schools run courses for women, kids, etc.

• Many grooming schools conduct online courses.

• They conduct specialized trainings for corporates.

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