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On the flip side of learning

Teaching concept gives students freedom to catch up on lessonsImage Credit: Supplied

Teaching concept gives students freedom to catch up on lessons.

Flipped learning or flipped classroom learning has given birth to a new dimension of learning. To elaborate, conventional teaching revolves around students sitting in classrooms attending lectures by professors, with professors ending the lectures by giving students assignments to take back home. The new concept is called “flipped” because the entire notion of learning is redefined. Instead of listening to lectures in class, students learn at home by accessing online videos created by their teachers, while homework assigned post-lectures on a daily basis are done in class.

The new concept gives learners the freedom to catch up on materials at their own pace, and discuss topics with their peers and teachers via online discussions. What one will witness in class is an amalgamation of several ideas and input that will be put forward after reviewing the videos created by the teachers. This gives room for every individual to put forward their understanding of a particular concept, gather opinions from their peers and get a positive feedback or critical analysis.

Videos are short, spanning around five to seven minutes. Time in class is allotted for practical/lab sessions, or some fun illustrative activities to understand the subject better.

The positive of this form of learning is that open-ended discussions give enough time for teachers to understand where the student is lagging and which subject needs to be prioritized or given attention to. The flipped concept comes across as a feasible solution with the mounting pressures of academics these days.

Handy Hints

• With flip teaching, lectures are done on videos

• Students engage in discussions in the classroom

• Concept makes learning easier for slow learners

Source: Mrudvi Bakshi, Special to Classifieds

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