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Get the basics of SAP straight

Get the basics of SAP straightImage Credit: Supplied

We oftentimes come across words and acronyms bandied around, especially in the IT world, which we do not really understand. One such word is SAP.

What is SAP? It is a software that aids mid to large companies in running their day-to-day transactions and processes. It is also called an enterprise system or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Its modules can support companies in various aspects of the business including financial accounting, materials management, controlling, sales and distribution, logistics execution, production planning, quality management, human resources, plant maintenance and project system.

In the UAE, there are various institutes providing SAP training. These include SAP MENA, Zabeel Institute, SAP UAE, and a host of online training institutes. For a company to utilize SAP to its best, its management, project teams and end-users need to attain the appropriate level of proficiency. Most management SAP training modules can be completed in three days.

The project team also requires needs configuration-level training on all the core application modules being implemented, and these training periods last for up to two weeks. The actual learning occurs only when they begin implementing the software at work.

End-users who utilize SAP for business processes and procedures make the bulk of trainees. This type of module is dictated by the company’s particular needs. End-user training should also involve the testing of the software before the go-live date.

Handy Hints:

• SAP has modules for various aspects of business.

• Management SAP training usually runs for 3 days.

• End-user training should involve software testing.

Source: Binu Sivan, Special to Classifieds

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