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Get moving with dance classes

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The growing demand of UAE expats wanting to learn dancing or increase physical activity to beat a sedentary lifestyle has led to the opening of many dance institutes in town.

From regional and traditional to modern dance forms, the UAE, especially Dubai, has seen it all. Western dance styles offered include ballet, tap dancing, waltz, jazz and contemporary, to name a few. Latino dance forms range from salsa to tango. Street styles include hip-hop, lyrical, locking and popping, crumping and b-boying. Classical forms vary from origin. And there are various institutes that teach Indian classical forms such as Bharatanatyam.

What’s commonly trending is a combination of dance and fitness routines for people who want to dance and lose weight, zumba being the most popular followed by Bollywood fitness classes.

Clients base their decisions not only on the quality of dance/training, price and location, but also on social equity. If they find a place where they can mingle with like-minded people, they tend to take more classes. Segregated age groups and batches for “ladies only” make classes more attractive. Also, parents today are eager to send their children to dance institutes at a tender age of three or four years to shape their interests.

To check about a particular dance, Internet browsing works best as almost all centers have their own websites or presence on social media.

Handy Hints
• Clients take more classes based on social equity
• Check out websites/social media for information
• A combo of dance-fitness routines is popular today

Source: Mahima Mehta, Special to Classifieds
The writer is Founder of M.A.D. (Mad About Dance) Institute