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Get trained to be a cabin crew

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Safety, check. Security, double check. Airline cabin crew make one’s journey more than just exciting and worthwhile.

However, it only seems easy if one undergoes intensive training to carefully carry out a high degree of responsibility. Though the minimum joining age is 21, and an arm reach of 212 centimetres and a high school certificate are basic requirements, honing one’s potential determines one’s suitability and gives one an edge over other contenders.

The UAE has a world-class fleet of airlines with a stringent screening process. To better propel the chances of being selected, one may enrol in courses offered by IATA-certified institutes and academies.

Twenty-four-hour cabin crew training sessions can run in the thousands. The course covers the duties and responsibilities of an airline crew member. Conducted by experienced trainers, one’s competence in dealing with diverse cultures and handling pressures is assessed both in theory and practice. In fact, one’s coordination, communication and interaction skills will be put to test.

Hospitality, travel management, customer service, security, and emergency and safety procedures are included in the training sessions.

One can explore other career prospects by attending courses in ticketing, travel and tourism management, airport operations and ground handling services, among others.

Handy Hints
• UAE has many schools offering cabin crew training
• A cabin crew training certificate gives one an edge
• The course includes security, safety and hospitality

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