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Getting into the football fever

Football feverImage Credit: Supplied

With the football fever hitting the world due to the FIFA World Cup 2014, it is just right to highlight the possibilities of attaining fame and fortune from football in the UAE. As fun and entertaining the sport is to play and watch, it is equally rewarding to those who have the passion and talent to excel in it.

The UAE has been closely associated to the sport of soccer or football. Manchester City, the winner in this year’s Barclays Premier League, is a team acquired by the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG). There are more than 20 domestic clubs that play this sport in the UAE. Keeping these facts in mind, it can be considered that the chances of emerging as a world-class player in football can be attained by getting trained here. In fact, the chances of emerging as a world-class player in football can be considered equal to the other countries that have qualified to participate at a national level in FIFA World Cup 2014.

With prestigious football schools in the country, from some of the best clubs in football like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Arsenal, attaining world-class training within the UAE has been made available to those interested. It can well be said that if a passionate individual moves his legs to give the ball a spin, it could result in spinning the wheels of his fortune.

Football fever is here and those feeling it will definitely consider looking into some of the football training options available.

Handy Hints
• Location and timing huge factors when training
• The sport can be a demanding physical activity
• Fees range from Dh5,000 to Dh15,000 per year

Source: Gaurav Achipalya, Special to Classifieds
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