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Here's a foray into the digital space

Here's a foray into the digital spaceImage Credit: Supplied

The digital era is here. We are constantly glued to smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices and many other varieties of what we refer to as the ''new media.''

Our fast-paced lives have increased our dependence on electronic gadgets, which, in turn, have increased the demand for trained professionals who can effectively penetrate the digital space.

If you are interested in the field, a course in digital media can train you to take the bull by its horns. Short-term digital media courses abound in the UAE.

Students can learn the tricks of utilising social media for business through a digital marketing course which discusses pay per click marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile and e-mail marketing, digital display advertising, website analytics and others. There is even a course focusing on SEO. Other courses are mobile app development, game design, narrative film editing, 3D animation, navigating Google adwords and analytics, Facebook advertising, among many others.

The workshops can span over a period of just a few hours to four weeks, depending on the course material. Fees vary depending on the course and duration. For example, a three-day social media and digital marketing course costs around Dh2,500, while a one-day social media marketing course costs about Dh1,300.

Handy Hints:

• Students can pick a diploma or certificate program

• Courses vary and range from SEO to game design

• Fees run in the thousands depending on duration

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Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds

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