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Hit your target like a pro in the UAE

Hit your target like a pro in the UAEImage Credit: Supplied

If you thought that shooting and target range practice are only for those in law enforcement, you may just be wrong. Almost every emirate in the UAE has one shooting range, and some even have two clubs that are frequented by Average Joes who enjoy this testosterone-infused adrenaline rush recreationally or as a competitive sport. To start firing away, all that are required are a valid UAE ID and either an original passport or a passport copy.

Almost all clubs welcome novices and pros alike with some, like the Caracal Shooting Club in Abu Dhabi, even catering to the faint hearted. How? With a laser simulator, of course! Al Forsan International Sports Resort in the capital even breaks a Gulf record being the first in the region to offer handgun and rifle ranges along with Olympic disciplines and sporting clays.

The Jebel Ali Shooting Club, part of the Jebel Ali Golf Resort, offers courses in competitive and recreational shooting. Built to the highest international safety specifications, even youth as young as 13 can enroll in their clay pigeon shooting courses.

The Golf and Shooting Club Sharjah offers an indoor shooting range in an informal atmosphere and hosts a handful of annual shooting competitions judged by members of the police academy.

The Ras Al Khaimah Shooting Club has both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and, like all other UAE shooting clubs, offers courses in the discipline. Umm Al Quwain Shooting Club, located a short distance from the popular Dreamland Aqua Park, has annual memberships obtained at a discount for shooting enthusiasts.

Handy Hints:

• Al Forsan is first to offer handgun and rifle ranges.

• Jebel Ali Shooting Club offers courses to youth.

• Golf and Shooting Club Sharjah hosts competitions.

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